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Green Court Tennis: Level 1 & Yellow Court Tennis: Level 1

The Junior Development Program is built on a foundation of progressions. Each program offers instruction, competition, social
interaction and various opportunities for practice. At every level of our program, we have very simple but specific goals to
help your child reach their peak performance. The program is effective because we match each child with the right size
court, ball, racquet and skill level for their age and development. There are several levels in the program, each offering a
more challenging set of skills, so as the child masters one level, they progress to the next level. The program is a complete
recreational and competitive pathway including 10 & under, middle school, high school and our Tournament Training Program.
The Junior Development Program will give your child the most comprehensive tennis experience possible.

Green Court Tennis:  Level 1

Green 78' Courts- Orange and Green Balls

Designed for new players and those making the transition from the 60' court to the 78' courts.  Players will continue to rally and play point, emphasizing control skiils, basic technique and understand the 5 play situations in competitive play.

Yellow Court Tennis:  Level 1

Yellow 78' Courts- Green and Yellow Balls

At this level, players will learn the basic tennis skills needed to be successful at any level.  They will learn basic strokes such as groundstrokes, serves, returns, volleys and overheads, as well as, how to rally and play points.