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US Open Playoff - A Huge Success!

Did you catch some of thet action June 13-15 at the US Open Playoff right here in our back yard?  The tennis was fantastic, we all wish we could play like that.  Contratulations to all of the winners who move on to the US Open Playoff Championships in New Haven, CT in August.  We'll be watching to see how they do.  Read more...

Why You’re Playing To Win

“You’re playing to win and may not know it so read the surprising reasons why we think you’re a winner just showing up.” Mike Woody. Read more...

Marital Bliss Until You Miss!

No question, spousal doubles is tricky business, especially when one spouse is better. Read our take on spousal doubles. Some of the dialogue during match play is priceless.  Read more...

Oh No, Not The Drop Shot!  

Looking for a way to win matches and lose friends? Okay, his lots of drop shots, the most insulting tease in tennis. No one looks good returning the dropper. You gotta run straight up the pipe looking like Bambi on the ice, but then, what’s next?

Drop it back so everybody on the court will be out of sorts. Nothing upsets the drop shot demons more than a taste of their own tennis brew.


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